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Dancing with the All Stars Gala

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Join us for our amazing Dancing with the All Stars Gala!!! Celebrating going into our 3rd year of being a Non Profit!! We will have a show to remember!! You won't want to miss this. Hosted in the newly renovated Hilton in Pasadena. 

Saturday, October 26th

6:30 PM - 11:30 PM 

Celebrate the night with us!! Dance the night away!! Enjoy LIVE Music, an awesome show, candlelight dinner and a stupendous great time!!

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

About Us

Our Board Of Directors


MOVE has been fortunate with the best Board of Directors and a highly qualified staff! And the best Charity in Pasadena.

George Estrada 


Catherine Patrick


Yancy Gamez


Taylor Ku

Event Coordinator

Our history


This Non-Profit Organization is allowing us to combine our love of dance, adoration of humans, and the desire to help communities with a little need for love . 

We have programs that benefit people from all backgrounds: homeless, minorities, under-privileged, special needs, abused and more. By sharing the gift of dance with them, they, too, can experience the magic that happens when one MOVEs! 

Our mission


MOVE is a non-profit organization inspiring passion and love for dance.

Our Vision

To have every man, woman, and child discover love, joy and healing through dance.

Our Programs

Veterans Program


Veterans go above and beyond to serve our country. They are resilient, honorable, loyal, and protective. They serve our country with Honor. While in combat, they can experience high intensity, fast action decision-making that may override their higher cognitive functioning. These experiences scientifically lock the brain into a paralysis state that effects the regular living motor skills, therefore causing different intensities of PTSD. In PTSD, a veteran may experience the world through a chronic state of hyper-arousal. Through Dancing and MOVEment it empowers our veterans to find a mind-body connection and internal control. Dance can be used as a modality that allows one to be in the present and focus on the now. Bringing a body and mind to cognitive awareness, grounded in present experiences, and regulating arousal levels brings the nervous system to a state of balance.

Be part of this MOVEment, Donate now to give back to our Veterans!!

At Risk Youth


Our At Risk Youth Program works with children and teens that come from foster care, low income housing, domestic violence and drug related homes. These types of environments are hard for a youth to grow into adulthood successfully. MOVE provides a happy escape where we spread joy, happinees and healing through the art form of dance. Using Dance as a form of therapy these youth grow their self esteem and feel a a sense of love and self worth. Dancing is a modality for these youth to grow and transition smoothly into successful young adults. Through active, innovative and productive behavior these youth are shown there is definitely new ways of living, all through the art of MOVEment!! 

Stay Tune for our next AT Risk Youth Program in Spring 2019!!

Children with Disabilities


For children with disabilities finding activities with enjoyment for them may be far and few between. Some of their symptoms may include poor attention span, and difficulty interacting. Through the art form of dance MOVEment these children begin to grow their attention span, become body aware and start becoming comfortable with social interaction. 

Dance also gives them a sense of expressing themselves with MOVEment and become aware of their happy and joy feelings. It's so beautiful to see a child grow in a period of one lesson.

Be part of this on going program as we partner up with amazing schools like The Help Group & Villa Esperanza Services Group  

1st Annual MOVE Charity Ball

What a great night had by all that attended. A night to Come together and share the LOVE of what MOVE is all about. Stay tune for our next MOVE Charity Ball Saturday, August 3rd 2019. 



Words from the CEO

"I’ve always had a dream to combine all the things I’m passionate about and create a good cause. With signs from the universe, actions around me, and people that have motivated me, I’ve decided to create my own Non-Profit Organization. Nothing brightens the soul more than expressing one's self through dance! So let's MOVE!!" ~George Estrada

Our Supporters and Partners

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MOVE Dance Centers of Riverside

We are so happy to announce our first partner to the Non Profit. MOVE Dance Centers or Riverside is a For Benefit Dance studio that focuses on teaching Ballroom Dances and various other styles too! They Fundraise for us 4 Times a year and service their area with our mission. 


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